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When we set out to create Hardshore, we knew what we were after, but didn’t know how we’d get there.

We knew we wanted to create a gin that could open people up to something they never thought they’d like, or to view an old favorite in new light. Our passion for the possibility of a truly distinctive, original gin has always been our driving force, absolutely refusing to accept the status quo interpretation of what gin can be.

So we built our gin from the bottom up - carefully and thoughtfully, with an uncompromising attention to detail and the courage to ignore well-intentioned guidance and advice.

We use grain grown on our family farm, and water from nearby Sebago Lake that’s unsurpassed in its purity.

We hand-pick our botanicals and treat them with a light touch in order to preserve their particular flavor and fragrance. Finally, we distill our Hardshore Original Gin in small batches before bottling them in our signature foggy glass.

We do all of this because we believe that it makes a difference. We believe that we can build a better gin. We believe that small details matter and we can create something new that will make people rethink what gin can be.


Hardshore Original Gin


750ML - 92 proof (46% ABV)


Our flagship spirit, Hardshore Original Gin, is a surprisingly complex gin despite being made with only five botanicals. It is bright and distinctive with leafy notes of fresh rosemary and mint upfront, supported by orris root (iris), coriander and, of course, bold Tuscan juniper. The neutral base is hand-crafted from grain grown on our founder's family farm and provides a smooth, full mouthfeel which allows the gin's distinctive flavor to unfold slowly with each sip. It lights up with tonic and makes what we consider, humbly, to be the world’s finest negroni, but leave it on its own with an ice cube for a truly remarkable experience.

Hardshore North Oak Barrel Rested Gin


750ML - 92 proof (46% ABV)

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Hardshore North Oak Barrel Rested Gin is a unique oaked expression of our celebrated Hardshore Original Gin. The ultra-bright, leafy-green botanicals of the Original are folded into mellow layers of American oak, creating an absolutely marvelous sipping experience. Blending the lines between gin and whiskey, its subtle textured background and unconventional botanical mix breathe new and unexpected character into your favorite cocktails. Try a Ginhattan or an oaked Negroni. Transform an Old Fashioned or try what is possibly the most perfect Martinez the world has ever known.


Blueberry Jalapeno Fizz


Blueberry Mint Smash


Peach Collins


Hardshore Negroni


Gin Paloma


French 75


Aviation Cocktail


Martinez Cocktail


What People are Saying

“For only five botanicals, the flavor profile of this gin is quite impressive. And even more so the depth of sensations that they invoke— citrus without citrus, a whole array of herbs— is really impressive.”

- The Gin is In

“Notes of rosemary and anise more than juniper forward. Great in a negroni with a grapefruit peel.”

- Flaviar

“Juniper and rosemary bring a rush of green, green pine and the mint has been used with such scarcity that it’s leafy, rather than cooling, waiting until the finish to present itself. Hardshore Original Gin certainly feels American.”

- The Gin Foundry

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